development & core values

Development of QueerCampus

After the dissolution of the first queer student association „Hochschwulen“, three students, Joshua, Nadine and Tobias, had the idea in fall 2006 to organize regular get-togethers for gays, lesbians & friends, true to the motto “meet people, make friends, have fun.”

During the summer term in 2007, a gay and lesbian department was established within the student’s council of the TUM, which helped to realize the idea of QueerCampus. Shortly after, the LMU established a queer department.

The organization was later being divided. While the queer departments organized university activities, QueerCampus developed towards a meeting place for all queer students in Munich.

Due to the close ties with the universities, QueerCampus is an essential link between the universities and the queer scene.

The core values of QueerCampus

QueerCampus offers all LGBTIQ students from all universities regular get-togethers that take place every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, where they can talk, have a drink and get to know each other. QueerCampus is not an exclusive club, everyone is welcome and can come with whoever they want. The main focus is to offer new people in Munich a place where they can meet new friends and get to know the most popular locations in Munich.
QueerCampus also organizes public events that increase the awareness of discrimination against LGBTIQ people.