QueerCampus | AllTogether at Kulturstrand

QueerCampus | AllTogether at Kulturstrand

  • Venue:Kulturstrand
  • Length:06:00 pm


The first time since February we will meet again! Finally! Of course still with security measures and outside but still together. We will go to the Kulturstrand together. We can sit there in different groups (Max 10 people/table) and talk, drink and have fun. Maybe we’ll also catch a great sunset.

Place: Kulturstrand (Isarbalkon Corneliusbrücke, 80469)

Time: from 6pm on

Maybe next time we also go to Import/Export, thank you all for your suggestions.

Please be aware that the usual hygiene rules (distance, hygiene, mask) apply at this even as well as the specific rules of Kulturstrand like wearing a mask outside of the table and handing in your contact data. If these rules are breached by individuals they can be excluded from the event for the safety of all. Let’s just all look after each other.

We are looking forward seeing you again!

Your QueerCampus Team