Sexually Transferable Infections

Sexually Transferable Infections

  • Location:Blumenstr. 11
  • Venue:diversity-Jugendzentrum
  • Length:All Day
  • Free Entry

Is it safe to shake hands with a poz? Why are curable STIs dangerous? Can I become infected by kissing? Are chemical contraceptives appropriate as well? Is it obvious whether a person is infectious? What is that limit of detection?


These and much more questions will be answered by Alois Gerbl from Checkpoint, the helpdesk on sexually transferable infections of Munich Aids-Hilfe. QueerCampus and JUNGS offer an educational evening, where the topic is dealt with interactively and playfully!

And even if one is quite well informed on STIs, there certainly is some interesting info!



Friday, 2014, March 14th

off 7.00 pm



off 7.00 pm: meeting up at diversity (Blumenstr. 11)

off 7.30 pm: Munich Aids-Hilfe (Lindwurmstr. 71, Location-Link)


Simply call up QC-Hotline (0176-78035063) if you want to join in later and cannot find the group.



JUNGS, QueerCampus and Munich Aids-Hilfe are looking forward to welcome you!