1. How can I find QueerCampus?

Information on the location of an event is provided here at Events. Once you’ve reached the location, simply look out for the letters QC, no matter whether they are red or black, big or small, thick or thin! At restaurants or bars you will find QC-cubes at the tables. When we’re meeting outside, there are signs or people wearing QueerCampus shirts. In case you cannot find us, simply call the QC-Hotline and we will guide you the right way. But soon you won’t need all those facilities, you will simply look for the well-known faces!

2. Are there any requirements for joining QueerCampus?

No! QueerCampus is not an exclusive club, not a students’ corporation and not a closed community! QueerCampus is an open organization for open-minded students, no tickets or registration is required. No matter if you are a newbie, studying for a while already, an exchange student or doing your PhD: you are welcome to join us, have fun and enjoy the evening!

3. I’ve some more questions, whom can I contact?

For your questions, simply send us an e-mail kontakt@nullqueercampus.de, call the QC hotline or use the contact form!

4. How can I find your upcoming events?

We provide all information on upcoming events on our website and on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, so we directly send you all info.
At Facebook we additionally offer you a lot of news and info regarding the queer community and QueerCampus.

5. How can I find your locations?

Especially for newbies and first-time visitors, we try to give as exact details about the location as possible. In case you still don’t find it, you can contact us or use one of the following links:

For searching a location:


For public transport: